Lectures & Symposia

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Past Lectures & Symposia

  • October 13, 2022; 6:00-7pm
    Alfreda Murck

    807 Schermerhorn Hall

    Teapot with black peony blossoms and date of 1913; porcelain; British Museum.

  • April 28, 2022; 6–7 pm
    Jan Stuart
    Melvin R. Seiden Curator of Chinese Art, Smithsonian's National Museum of Asian Art


    Detail from Spring Morning in the Han Palace, twelve-panel lacquer screen; Qing dynasty, Kangxi reign, 1672; Freer Gallery of Art, gift of Charles Lang Freer, F1906.42.

  • October 7, 2021; 6–7pm
    Namiko Kunimoto
    Associate Professor of Art History, The Ohio State University


    Katsura Yuki, Gonbe and Crow, 1966. Copyright Katsura Akinari, Courtesy of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

  • May 14, 2021; 8–10pm


    “National Border Tokara Archipelago: Deserting Islands” by Takuma Nakahira from the March 1977 issue of Asahi Camera © Gen Nakahira

  • April 8, 2021; 6–7pm
    Talia Andrei
    Assistant Professor of Art History, East Asian Studies, Wesleyan University


    Nachi Sankei Mandara; 16th-17th century; hanging scroll, ink and color on paper, 59 7/8 x 64 3/4 in.; Gitter-Yelen Collection, New Orleans.

  • February 4, 2021; 6–7 pm
    Aaron Rio
    Associate Curator of Japanese Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art


    Chinese Sages (detail)
    Japan, Momoyama period, late 16th-early 17th century
    Pair of six-panel folding screens; ink on paper
    The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Purchase, Mary Livingston Griggs and Mary Griggs Burke Foundation Fund, Gift of Florence and Herbert Irving, by exchange, and Brooke Russell Astor Bequest, 2020 (2020.359.1, .2) 

  • January 21, 2021; 6–7:30pm
    Reiko Tomii
    Independent Scholar, Curator, and PoNJA-GenKon Co-director


    Shinohara Ushio, Oiran, c. 1966. Fluorescent paint, lacquer paint, and acrylic sheet on canvas mounted on board; 26.5 x 26.3 x 3.7 cm. Private collection (formerly collection of Naiqua Gallery/Miyata Kunio). Photo © Gilbert Plantinga. 

  • December 2, 2020; 6–7 pm
    Pengliang Lu
    Associate Curator of Chinese Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art


    Vase with elephant-headed handles (detail); Yuan (1271-1368) - Ming (1368-1644) dynasty, 14th to 15th century; Bronze, H. 11 in. (28 cm); The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Purchase, Barbara and William Karatz Gift, 2019 (2019.264).

  • October 29, 2020; 6–7 pm
    Maggie Mustard
    Independent Scholar


    Anrakuji Emi, untitled, from the series IPY (2007/2008), C-Print, 16.5 x 12 in. Courtesy the artist and Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery, New York.

  • February 13 and 20; March 5 and 26 (to be rescheduled in 2022); and April 2, 2020 (to be rescheduled in 2023) : 6–7 pm
    Samuel C. Morse
    Howard M. and Martha P. Mitchell Professor of the History of Art and Asian Languages and Civilizations, Amherst College

    807 Schermerhorn Hall

    FEB 13 AND 20; MAR 5 AND 26 (CANCELLED); AND APR 2, 2020 (CANCELLED): 6:00-7:00 P.M.

    Detail of Unkei (d. 1223), Mujaku bosatsu (Asanga), National Treasure; Kamakura period, ca. 1212. Wood with polychromy and rock crystal eyes. Kōfukuji, Nara.

  • Thursday, November 21, 2019, 6–7 pm
    Ryūsuke Masuki
    Associate Professor of Art History, Kobe University

    807 Schermerhorn Hall

    Detail of Butsugen Butsumo (Buddhalocani), National Treasure; Heian Period, 12th century; ink and color on silk; 197 x 127.9 cm; Kōzanji, Kyoto.

  • Thursday, November 7, 2019, 6–7 pm
    Alice Tseng
    Chair and Associate Professor of Art History, Boston University

    807 Schermerhorn Hall

    Ceremony at the Shishinden Viewed from the Shomei Gate, 1928; color lithograph; ink on card stock; 8.9 x 14 cm; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

  • Thursday, October 24, 2019, 6–7 pm
    Lei Xue
    Associate Professor of Art History, Oregon State University

    807 Schermerhorn Hall

    Sun Kehong (1532-1610), detail from Copying Model Books; handscroll, Ht. 27.9 cm. National Palace Museum, Taipei.

  • Thursday, September 26, 2019, 6:00–7:00 pm
    Menno Fitski
    Head of Asian Art, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

    807 Schermerhorn Hall

    Japanese Chest, ca. 1635–1645; lacquer, gold and silver foil, crystal, copper; 63.5 cm x 144.5 cm; Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

  • Tuesday, April 30, 2019 6:00–7:00 pm
    Evgeny Steiner
    Japan Research Centre SOAS, University of London

    Evgeny Steiner, Hokusai Manga, published in Russian, 2017

  • Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 6:00–7:00 pm
    Eugene Wang
    Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Professor of Asian Art, Harvard University

    807 Schermerhorn Hall

    Hungry Tigress Jataka panel, from the Tamamushi Shrine, c. 650, Hōryū-ji Treasure House, Hōryū-ji, Nara; lacquer on wood.

  • Thursday, March 28, 2019, 6:00–7:00 pm
    Masako Watanabe
    Independent Scholar

    807 Schermerhorn Hall

    “New Herbs (Wakana)” from the Tale of Genji; Tosa Mitsuyoshi (1593-1613); album leaf; ink, color, gold, and gold leaf on paper; Kyoto National Museum

  • Wednesday, February 27, 2019, 6:00–7:00 pm
    Asato Ikeda
    Assistant Professor, Fordham University

    807 Schermerhorn Hall

    Fujita Tsuguharu, detail from Events in Akita, 1937. Oil on canvas, 365 x 2050 cm. Hirano   Masakichi Foundation. Tsuguharu Foujita © 2016 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York /  ADAGP, Paris.

  • Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 6:00-7:00 pm
    Anne Nishimura Morse
    William and Helen Pounds Senior Curator of Japanese Art Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

    807 Schermerhorn Hall

    Mandala of the Hosso School (late Heian–Kamakura periods, 12th century); panel; ink, color, gold, and silver on silk; 89.2 x 58 cm; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Fenollosa-Weld Collection, 11.4053

  • Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 6:00–7:00 pm
    Joan Kee
    Associate Professor of Art History, University of Michigan

    612 Schermerhorn Hall

    Image credit: Yook Myung-shim, c. 1966

  • Thursday, March 29, 2018, 6:00–7:00 pm
    Melanie Trede
    Visiting Professor, Professor of Histories of Japanese Art and Head of the Institute of East Asian Art History Centre for East Asian Studies, Heidelberg University

    934 Schermerhorn Hall

    Detail from Taishokan Narrative (early seventeenth century), manuscript dismantled and pasted onto a folding screen; ink, gold and color on paper. Private collection, Japan.

  • Wednesday, February 14, 2018, 6:00-7:00 pm
    Aaron Rio
    Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Curator of Japanese and Korean Art, Minneapolis Institute of Art

    612 Schermerhorn Hall

    White-robed Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva Gazing at the Moon (detail), Kenchōji, Kamakura, 15th century; hanging scroll from a set of 32; ink on silk.

  • Thursday, November 9, 2017, 6:00–7:00 pm
    Frank Feltens
    Assistant Curator, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

    612 Schermerhorn Hall

    Unkoku Tōgan, Landscape, Muromachi or Momoyama Period, 16th century. Ink, gold, and tint on paper. Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.: Gift of Charles Lang Freer, F1907.134

  • Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 6:30–8:00 pm
    Nobuo Tsuji and Takashi Murakami

    The Italian Academy 1161 Amsterdam Avenue, Columbia University

    Photo by Naohiro Tsutsuguchi (Shinchosha) ©2009 Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

  • Thursday, April 20, 2017, 6:00–7:00 pm
    Akira Takagishi
    Visiting Professor, Tokyo University

    612 Schermerhorn Hall, Columbia University

    Detail from Konda sōbyō engi emaki, 1433

  • Thursday, April 13, 2017, 6:00-7:00 pm
    Yeewan Koon
    Associate Professor of Art History, Hong Kong University

    612 Schermerhorn Hall

  • Tuesday, April 4, 2017, Reception 5:00-5:30 pm, Lecture 5:30-7:00 pm
    Nara Yoshitomo

    Schermerhorn Hall 8th floor; Stronach Center

  • Thursday, December 7, 2017, 6:00-7:00 PM
    Chin-Sung Chang
    Professor of Art History, Seoul National University

    612 Schermerhorn Hall

    Detail from The City of Great Peace, early nineteenth century, Korea. Eight-panel screen, ink and colors on silk, 113.6 x 49.1 (each panel), National Museum of Korea, Seoul.

  • Thursday, December 1, 2016, 6:00–7:00 pm
    Professor Michio Yonekura
    Distinguished Atsumi Visiting Professor

    612 Schermerhorn Hall