Beyond National Treasures: What Sesshū Tōyō Painted in Daily Life

Sesshū Tōyō (1420–1506); detail from "Splashed Ink Landscape" (Haboku sansui zu), 1495; ink on paper; Tokyo National Museum.

Masatomo Kawai
Professor Emeritus, Keio University and former director of Chiba City Art Museum
March 29, 2023; 6-7PM

807 Schermerhorn Hall


Masatomo Kawai has written and curated exhibitions on a wide range of Japanese painting topics throughout his illustrious career. The influential Zen monk painter Sesshū Tōyō (1420–1506), is most known for his masterpieces designated as National Treasures (Kokuhō). In this lecture Kawai will introduce and discuss what kinds of lesser-scale paintings Sesshū may have executed in his daily life.