• Xiaohan Du

    On A Snowy Night: Yishan Yining (1247-1317) and the Development of Zen Calligraphy in Medieval Japan

  • Yuri Handa

    Yuri studies the history of photography in modern Japan, with a particular emphasis on the intersections of imperial/colonial nation-building and photography as reproductive visualizing technology.

  • Nina Horisaki-Christens

    Nina’s research focuses on images of the public and media as public space in 1970s Japanese video.

  • Chen Jiang

    Chen focuses on the artistic interactions between Japan and China during the Meiji period. She is also interested in tourist photography, export art, and art exhibitions of modern Japan.

  • Jeewon Kim

    Jeewon studies the history of Japanese and Korean art and architecture. Her research interests include modern Korean painting, the visual culture of Japanese imperialism, and urbanization in Korea under Japanese colonial rule.

  • Hae Yeun Kim

    Hae Yeun studies the art of Japan and Korea. In particular, she is interested in the inter-cultural influences and developments between Japan and Korea during the pre-modern period.

  • Naomi Kuromiya

    Naomi studies modern Japanese art. She is particularly interested in postwar intersections of “avant-garde” and “tradition,” and artistic exchanges between Japan, the U.S., and France.

  • Meng-Hsuan Lee

    Meng studies Japanese colonial architecture and urbanism, particularly in Taiwan. He is also interested in global colonialisms, architectural preservation and urban memory, and historiography of architecture.

  • Sehyun Oh

    Sehyun studies modern and contemporary art, with a particular emphasis on postwar photography and film in Japan, focusing on the intersections of documentation, technology, and historiography.

  • Yeongik Seo

    Yeongik studies early modern Japanese painting as an intermediary between medieval and modern art, and as a part of the broader context of East Asian art.

  • Hwanhee Suh

    Collaboration and Competition: The Dynamics of Seventeenth-Century Chinese Paintings

  • Cathy Zhu

    Cathy studies the art and archaeology of the Five Dynasties and Song period China. She is particularly interested in the interactions between works in the tomb, religious, and secular environments.

  • Valerie Zinner

    Valerie's research focuses on early modern illustrated narratives and how they were used to further the political goals of the warrior class. She is currently a visiting researcher at Tokyo University while she completes her dissertation fieldwork on the Sumiyoshi School of painters.