Japanese Narrative Handscrolls (emaki): Emperors, Shoguns, and Landscapes

Detail from Konda sōbyō engi emaki, 1433

Akira Takagishi
Visiting Professor, Tokyo University
Thursday, April 20, 2017, 6:00–7:00 pm

Emperors and shoguns were at the center of power in medieval-period Japan. While the emperors transmitted refined court culture, the shoguns sought to unify the nation with their military might. By analyzing emaki commissioned by emperors and shoguns, this talk will attempt to identify their understanding of nationhood and milieu. 日本の中世(12世紀~16世紀)において、権力の中心にいたのは天皇と将軍であった。天皇は古代の優雅な貴族文化を継承し、将軍は軍事力を背景に国土の統治を目指した。今回の講演では、天皇と将軍が制作にかかわった絵巻の分析から、彼らの国土や風景に対する意識を読み取ることを試みる